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The new in box Biolase ® Waterlase® C100™ offered by Advanced Laser Source has truly broken the price barrier for All Tissue Lasers world wide. This is the first laser capable of performing both Hard & Soft tissue procedures for under $20,000.00. Including: factory warranty, factory training, and factory installation! (provided through former exclusive distributor, not Advanced Laser Source)


Perfect for new or experienced laser dentists the intuitive design and controls means you have everything you need at your fingertips. No menus to scroll though, or touch screen pages to navigate. The user customizable presets means your laser is always ready to go! If additional minor adjustments are needed simply arrow up or arrow down on the control panel and keep lasing.


The Biolase ® Waterlase® C100™ has a built in hand piece holder and tip revolver so all of your accessories are with you chair side. The stylish case is sleek and smooth making clean up a breeze.


"I've been using the Waterlase dental laser since 2005. Patients young and old were generous with their gratitude when we could do many of their fillings without anesthetic, with minimal discomfort, and limited use of the drill. I had grown accustomed to the reliability and affordability of the more basic Waterlase. When my unit was damaged by a power surge, I looked into replacing it with a refurbished unit, but after weighing the options I elected to buy a new C100.

I was immediately impressed with the clean design, the simplicity of operation, and the subtle improvements to the older Waterlase that I was familiar with. Clinically, I found the variable pulse frequency was a valuable feature of the C100. When I increased the pulse rate, I was impressed with faster cutting speeds than I was used to, and the slower pulse rate could be used for more soft tissue applications.

Overall I'm very pleased with the Waterlase C100, and would recommend it to those wanting to improve their practice with laser dentistry."

-Bill Tompkins, DDS Maryland




1 Year Factory Warranty


Factory Training and Certification Course (CE credits)

Trunk Fiber

2 Hand Pieces

Starter Pack of Tips


3 Pairs of Laser Goggles

Air Line

Tip Changer

Power Cord

Mirror Changing Kit

Tip Inspection Kit


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