Frequently Asked Questions


1) Does Advanced Laser Source have a partnership or agreement with any laser manufacturers?


No. We are an independent company who proudly shares no relationship with any laser manufacturer so we can sell, service, and support a variety of laser models from the various manufacturers.


2) If I purchase a laser from ALS what is included with the laser?


Everything is included for you to be up and running from day one. All accessories, and directions to set up your laser are supplied or installation & training (if specified).


3) Can you tell me a little bit more about the installation and training?


In the USA, a date is arranged at the doctor(s) convenience with the staff present in the morning, one on one time with the doctors learning basic laser techniques, and we even invite you to include a couple patients in the afternoon. The installation also includes running of airlines (if needed) to the treatment rooms as most lasers require an airline with 80psi.


4) What is covered in the included 1 year warranty on a pre-owned laser?


In the USA, all of our pre-owned lasers have the option to extend to a 1 year warranty. Advanced Laser Source's factory trained technicians cover all major laser components for a period of 12 months, with the exception of disposables such as tips and hand pieces, abuse, and "acts of god". You will have the option to renew your warranty after the included 12 months has expired or you may just elect to have an annual laser tune-up and preventative maintenance on your laser.


5) I purchased a laser from another doctor or another company on Ebay can you help me with installation & training/support.


In most cases yes. However ALS is highly selective on the pre-owned lasers we purchase ensuring that all of our units meet certain criteria before we purchase. Similar to the laser manufactures we will not service or support lasers that fail to meet the standards.


6) I purchased a laser from another laser supplier that does not accept returns and it won’t turn on, can ALS repair my damaged unit?


Many lasers listed for sale online have either a blank screen or an error message full of question marks in the photos. This is the first “Buyer Beware” sign. If the unit can not be turned on without receiving an error message then the seller has no way of properly testing the unit. Make sure you do your research and purchase from a reputable supplier as a handful of doctors have contacted ALS having thought they were receiving a “great deal” only to receive a non-working/DOA unit that does not meet the service standards or required $10,000 + in parts to be functional.